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Have you recently discovered “Billionaires” playground, known as Monaco? Maybe you’re looking for specialist advice with your Monaco Financial Adviser search.

Callaghan Financial Services have been successfully helping clients since 2006 with all their financial requirements as shown on our Facebook page here: Callaghan Financial Services FaceBook.

We specialise in UK Pension transfers providing you with tax efficient solutions for your hard earned money.

You also have the option once transferred of setting regular income and using your pension like a bank account should you wish to do so while keeping the capital of your pension in place.

Another, area we specialise in is Risk Assessed Investments tailored to your requirements.

You can find out what type of investor you are today and within 24 hours we will have an investment proposal for your viewing.


I have a UK Pension. How can I access it now?

Accessing 100% your pension before 55 is not allowed. However, you have the potential to access a small portion.

We offer a free no obligation assessment on all your UK Pensions. We don’t necessarily need your policy number in case you’ve misplaced your documentation. You previous employer details would suffice together with your National Insurance Number.

If you would like us to provide you with a free no obligation assessment then please view our how to guide below on your search Monaco Financial Advisers:

I would like a FREE no Obligation Assessment

Step 1.) Your UK Scheme before providing us with information would need a document called a Letter of Authority on our headed paper. We can arrange for this document to be signed face to face so we have the original but can also attach then in an email. Most UK Schemes don’t require the original. However, it is handy to have because some are still old fashioned and not keeping up with technology.

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