Monaco Luxury Real Estate

Monaco Luxury Real Estate

Monaco Luxury Real Estate

Monaco is a playground for the rich and famous including the likes of David Coulthard, Bono, Lewis Hamilton just to name a few. You have landed on the right page if you’re currently in the market for Monaco Luxury Real Estate. Whether you’re thinking about buying a property now or planning for the future Callaghan Financial Services will find the perfect property for you.

Why decide to purchase a Monaco Luxury Real Estate?

Each year, Monaco hosts fabulous shows such as Monaco Yacht Show, Monaco Grand Prix earning it’s name the “Billionaires” playground.

Monaco is home to more than 12,000 millionaires in less than one square mile. Almost one in three people that live there is a millionaire.

If you’re thinking about listing your property on the market we can arrange a suitable time for one of our photographers to come view your property and take HD photos and create a portfolio with no obligation valuations. We can evaluate your property on the same day. Multiple social media streams that will make sure your property doesn’t go unseen.

Monaco Luxury Real Estate

Things to do in Monaco...

The number one thing to do for anyone visiting is the “Tour the Palais du Prince.”

Towering high above Monaco and dates back to the 13th century.

Residents & Tourists are allowed to visit when the palace is not entertained by the royal prince. You can easily tell if you will be allowed entry or not by seeing if the flag is raised in the main tower (as shown in the image below).

Who likes gambling?

Monte Carlo Casino is infamous for it’s highlights on 007 James Bond. 

There are numerous game rooms to spark the interest of many different personalities while you chance your luck at winning big! Don’t forget to raise your head for the wonderful chandeliers and the magnificent artwork that surrounds the ceilings.

Why not visit the Musée Oceanographique – Perfect for parents to keep the little ones entertained.

Taking over 10 years to build the foundations that this museum lays upon it is a must see for both kids & adults.

My favourite being the shark lagoon section of the museum but there is also the Mediterranean Aquarium & Tropical Aquarium.

If you like visiting Aquariums while abroad then this one should definitely be on your list! If you’re like myself and rate each and everyone you’ve ever been to (Even going as far as ranking each one) then I’m sure this will be somewhere on the top, with home to over 6,000 marine life creatures and 100 different pools to recreate the exact natural environment these wonderful creatures have come from.

Monaco Luxury Real Estate
Monaco Luxury Real Estate
Monaco Luxury Real Estate

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