QROPS Los Montesinos

QROPS Los Montesinos

Thank you for clicking/tapping on our article about “QROPS Los Montesinos”. Did you know that QROPS Los Montesinos is searched on Google between 20 – 100 times (According to Google Analytics Keyword Planner) and a further 20 – 50 times on the less popular search engines including Yahoo / Bing. There are many benefits of a QROPS for your UK Pension. In this article, we will be going through some of them. But firstly, who are Callaghan Financial Services?

Callaghan Financial Services

Callaghan Financial Services has been established since 2006. Helping UK Expats with all their financial requirements. Specialising in UK Pension Transfers, Investments, Real Estate & Currency Exchange. Please take a browse through our public recommendations on our Facebook page by clicking/tapping the social icon on the top and scrolling to the “Reviews” section. Alternatively, you can view our testimonials from our menu heading above titled “Testimonials”. Here you will a list of recommendations including one from MBE Jimmy White (Professional Snooker Play) & Eric Roberts (Hollywood Film Actor).

Benefits of a QROPS Los Montesinos

  • Tax Efficiency – Under Flexi-Access Drawdown.
  • View your Fund 24 / 7 – No requesting valuations from your UK provider (Which in some cases can take up to 30 days!)
  • Income for life – Set regular income paid into your bank account.
  • Risk Assessed Investment – Greater investment choice. Find out what type of investor you are.
  • Nominate Beneficiary – Should you pass away keep your fund protected for your heirs.
  • QROPS Providers that are listed on HMRC website.
  • Multiple UK Pensions? – Consolidate multiple funds into one easily manageable one. 

Don't worry if you're not in Los Montesinos... We cover the whole of Spain.

Ways to contact us:

Business WhatsApp + 34 698 243 745
Website: www.gcqrops.com
E-mail qrops@msn.com
E-Mail info@gcqrops.com
Facebook. Search Callaghan Financial Services. 
Twitter @qrops1
Instagram. Search callaghan-financial-services
LinkedIn. Search Callaghan Financial Services. 

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