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Investing Spain

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Investing Spain

Thank you for landing on our website for “Investing Spain”. Did you know that Investing Spain is searched approximately 40 times a month on Google. Factoring other search engines such as Yahoo, Bing & Yandex then the search total only increases in volume. If you would like to discuss investment options with one of our qualified advisers then please use the contact form below or reach out through our social media, email or telephone also listed at the bottom of this article.

Why use Callaghan Financial Services?

Callaghan Financial Services proudly established since 2006. Providing expert financial advice with relation to UK Pension Transfer, Risk Assessed Investments & Real Estate. You can view some of our open recommendations on our Facebook page and also view our testimonial page located in the last menu.

What type of investor am I?

Good question! Everyone is different and everyone has a different tolerance to risk when it comes to investing. That’s why we use a Risk Questionnaire (That can be requested via the contact form below) to determine what time of investor you are. This questionnaire will determine your attitude towards risk and will be you in a category of either Liquidity Plus, Defensive, Cautious, Balanced, Growth, Adventurous or Speculative.

Based on your answers to the 30 question risk questionnaire your investment portfolio will be constructed around your portfolio type. To claim your free no-obligation investment proposal please complete the below contact form and one of our qualified advisers will contact you. Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

Ways of contacting us:

WhatsApp Business Spain + 34 698 243 745
WhatsApp Business Portugal + 351 915 446 717
Instagram. Search Callaghan Financial Services
Twitter @qrops1
LinkedIn: Search Callaghan Financial Services
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Graeme Callaghan: or

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