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Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS) are pensions located in offshore financial centres. These offer tax breaks and investment opportunities. These benefits are not usually available to UK based savers. The QROPS market is huge. Around 3,000 QROPS pensions are offered by providers based in 46 countries. Callaghan Financial Servicess has been successfully assisting UK expats in Spain with UK pension transfers for 9 years since 2006. We have assisted in over 500 successful UK pension transfers for UK Pensioners. We believe our ongoing success is due to the following:

  • The potential from day to access the full fund in your UK pension.

  • Frozen pensions unlocked.

  • Transparent fees.

  • No obligation policy.

  • No upfront fees.

  • Friendly customer service.

  • All our QROPS providers are recognized by HMRC.

  • Daily research with changing markets.

  • Working alongside UK qualified pension experts.

  • Competitive fees.

  • Ongoing assistance & advise.

  • Free assessment on your existing UK scheme or existing QROPS.

  • Multiple lost & forgotten pensions found.

  • Home visits arranged to your country of residence.

Getting You the Correct QROPS

Finding the right QROPS is not achieved by filling in a couple forms. The QROPS pension is a sophisitcated and serious investment. A QROPS pension needs to be planned and executed specifically for you. Finding the right QROPS, should be arranged by an experienced and regulated independent financial adviser. GC QROPS conduct a full and comprehensive analysis of your UK pension and advice on what is best for you. The analysis involves:

  • A current valuation of your funds in a UK registered pension scheme. This is a good opportunity to consolidate savings and to cut costs and maximise fund growth long term.
  • Tax issues between the UK and Spanish QROPS base (the place where the retirement saver will live).
  • Investment options – attitudes towards risk and expected returns from the investment.

Once a full analysis has been completed we will advise on the best QROPS solution. We are based in Spain on the Costa Blanca and have assisted expats with UK pension transfers from all over the world. We pride ourselves to answer your inquiry within 24 hours of receipt.

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