QROPS Transfer

QROPS Transfer

QROPS Transfer

There is approximately 10 – 100 people searching for “QROPS Transfer” online via the popular search engine we all know to be Google. A further 10 – 30 searches consist of Yahoo / Bing search engines.

The QROPS Transfer Process

The QROPS transfer process usually starts with one of our advisers to meet with yourself to arrange for the completion of our “Letter of Authority” this will enable us to contact your UK pension scheme direct and request the relative paper work in association with your potential QROPS transfer.

The adviser assigned to your case will then provide you with a detailed report on your UK pension. Receiving personalised report should also include things like your risk profile as well as your objectives and therefore should detail everything they have found, all the options available to you & detail charges which apply.

Have you considered a QROPS Transfer?

You may have reached our website if you are considering a QROPS or have considered one in the past. View the many benefits a QROPS has to offer (Now known as ROPS).

  • Full access to your UK pension
  • An income for life
  • Nominate beneficiaries. Protect your loved ones.
  • UK qualified experts.
  • Transparent fees
  • 24/7 online access to view your QROPS.
  • All providers recognised on HMRC website.
  • All questions answered within 24 hours of receipt (Business days).
  • Second to none after care service with an experienced and friendly administration team.
  • FREE assessment on all your existing plans.
  • No upfront fee policy.

Ways To Contact Us:

Website: www.gcqrops.com
E-Mail info@gcqrops.com
E-Mail qrops@msn.com
WhatsApp Business Spain + 34 698 243 745
WhatsApp Business Portugal + 351 915 446 717
Instagram. Search Callaghan Financial Services
Twitter @qrops1
LinkedIn: Search Callaghan Financial Services
Facebook. Search Callaghan Financial Services

Direct email contact: 

Graeme Callaghan: qrops@msn.com or Graeme@gcqrops.com

Dylan Callaghan: info@gcqrops.com

Amanda Callaghan: Amanda@gcqrops.com

Sarah Harper: Sarah@gcqrops.com

Steve Workman: Steve@gcqrops.com

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