QROPS Benefits

QROPS Benefits

The potential for full access to your fund from day one is not just the only QROPS benefits. Below are some other great features of a QROPS pension.
      • The potential of full access to your existing QROPS.
      • Tax efficiency.
      • Greater Investment choice.
      • The potential to pay off your mortgage or credit card debts.
      • Give your business a cash injection.
      • Freedom of cash to do as you please.

Hundreds of British expats retire to Spain every year to enjoy better weather and a much lower cost of living. Yet many are unaware however that the country can also be a tax haven for their pension. Many expats are not aware of just how many QROPS benefits apply to them! If you are a resident of Spain – or will become one – there are significant, tax-efficient benefits of transferring your pension into a QROPS. By utilising a QROPS, you can enjoy a 30% tax-free lump sum, wider investment choice and the ability to pass on 100% of your fund to your loved ones upon death. QROPS benefits you and you family if managed in a diligent and efficient manner. That is why our professionals are experienced and impartial advisors. We ensure you get the very best QROPS benefits when making your UK pension transfer.

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