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Callaghan Financial Services – Your QROPS Contact.

Get in contact today for your FREE UK pension assessment.

  • GC Qrops
  • Centro Comercial Rioja 22,/137 Calle Magallenes 18, Orihuela Costa 03189, Alicante. Spain
  • +34 868 172 536
  • Email: qrops@msn.com


You can contact us by email or telephone, the details of which are shown on the top. You can also fill in the form below and you will then be contacted. Please feel free to contact us at anytime including evenings and weekends. You can email me at QROPS@msn.com or call us direct on the above number.

On our Facebook we have testimonials that go back a number of years from professionals in Spain and beyond.

How to Find Us

Click here to get directions to our office from wherever you are!

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