Accessing Your Existing QROPS

Love Your QROPS!!!

With Christmas fading from our memories and Spring approaching ever so quickly, our focus now turns to love.  I’m talking about Cupid with his bow and arrow, yes, Valentine’s Day!  That one day in the year when love is in the air, but not everything feels the love.  I am talking about your existing QROPS scheme.  Your Qualifying Recognized Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS) is a long-term relationship, and like many long-term relationships, accessing your existing QROPS can be easily taken for granted leaving it neglected, unloved and rarely talked about.

With the impending changes to the UK Pensions coming into force from April this year, it is time to put the spark back into your existing QROPS.  We at GC QROPS, don’t need Valentine’s Day to remind us to love your existing QROPS, every day is Valentine’s Day.  We feel the love, and can provide you with a free assessment on your QROPS, as well as also providing a free assessment on your existing UK pension scheme.  With over three thousand QROPS available, we monitor and collaborate with hundreds of HM Revenue & Customs recognised providers, thus being in a position to advise you on how you can fully access your existing QROPS.

Accessing Your Existing QROPS

As UK qualified specialists, we are completely independent, and can advise on a wide variety of QROPS pension schemes which meet your exact requirements and needs.  Our knowledge of this complex and ever changing market has already proved invaluable to our existing clients who have made the most of the QROPS Benefits.

If you have stopped paying attention to your QROPS, it is time to lavish a bit of love on it. So contact us today at or call us on +34 698 243 745 and fall back in love with your existing QROPS.

Author: Graeme Callaghan
Graeme Callaghan has been successfully assisting UK expats in Spain with UK pension transfers for 9 years since 2006. He has assisted in over 500 successful UK pension transfers for UK Pensioners.

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